Successful organizations are composed of Business systems. These are the Processes, sub-processes and steps that create value and work together for the achievement of the organizational goals, objectives and strategy. Creating effective business systems ensures that processes are implemented correctly in a consistent way to ensure that process variation and product defects are minimized. Six Sigma methodology aims to understand processes, improve processes and increase the quality of the output of the process. This is achieved through feedback in the form of data collection, analysis and customer feedback to assess process efficiency and leads to quality improvements in the process and outputs. There are several benefits to Implementing a Six Sigma Business System:

Increased Top-line Revenue: The fundamental elements of a business system includes the development and implementation of strategy creation, business processes and strategic planning. This leads to more insightful way to grow your organization and grow top-line revenue

Reduced Costs and Increased Profits: The implementation of a rigorous Six Sigma Business system, will reduce defects in the process and produce high quality ouputs. This will serve to reduce costs associated with waste and re-work and also increase profits.

Employee Satisfaction: In a defined business system, employees are aware of their roles and responsibilities within the system enabling them to complete their work effectively and efficiently. There is a set road-map to work from and standardized work which reduced errors and waste in processes. In addition, having defined roles within the organization is useful for staff turn-over and rehiring and retraining.

Customer Satisfaction: Adopting a rigorous business system within your organization, should result in reproducible processes with less defects and waste resulting in a quality product for your customer. If a Six Sigma approach is adopted within your organization, you will constantly measure, analyze and improve your processes and also your customer needs. This will increase customer satisfaction as you will better understand your customer needs.