5 Simple Steps in Team Management

Team management is the ability of an organization to coordinate a group of individuals to complete tasks. There are four main types of teams: 1) Formal teams with a rigid structure, defined leadership, strict hierarchy and well-defined roles. 2) Informal teams with flexible leadership and fluid hierarchy. 3) Cross-functional teams composed of team members trained [...]

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Performance Management

"If it can't be measured it can't be managed". The goal of performance management is to make sure that the organization's current activities are geared towards fulfilling its visions and objectives. Measures include quality, no. of defects, employee performance, financial measures. In terms of customers, this would include quality, safety, cost, satisfaction and the process. [...]

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The A3 Problem Solving Process

Background The A3 process is a Lean thinking tool that was first developed by Toyota. It is a structured collaborative template that is used for in-depth process problem solving and project reporting. Used in the improve phase of DMAIC. As the name suggests the template fits on one page and helps teams in an organization [...]

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What is Hoshin Planning?

In order for an organizations to succeed they must have a clear overall vision and long-term strategy. And an organizations goals must be consistent with this vision. Hoshin planning is a strategic planning method used to help bring organizations together and guides them towards reaching their vision and key strategic initiatives. These are projects that promote [...]

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