We use our in-depth knowledge of lean/six sigma a fact-based, rigorous methodology

We use our in-depth knowledge of lean/six sigma a fact-based, rigorous methodology to improve processes and quality and increase efficiency and profits. Our approach is to use a number of quantitative and qualitative techniques to improve process efficiency, with an emphasis on defining, measuring, analyzing, improving, controlling (DMAIC) processes as an approach to solving problems in an organization.


Our projects are divided as follows:

  • Pre Project Requirements
  • Org charts (with list of roles/functions e.g. operator/analyst/reviewer/team leader etc.
  • An Excel spreadsheet showing incoming workloads (sample attached)
  • Any standard times or work content of current tasks/operations
  • Any records of current performance e.g. lead time, cycle time etc
  • A list of tests/operations
  • Pre-assessment phase
  • Set up the project charter and tracker
  • Identify the purpose statement (SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, timely)
  • Identify the broad purpose of the project with stakeholders– benefits, scope, results
  • Identify ideal future state
  • Detailed diagnostics using interviews, data analysis and deep dives help us to understand your business current state
  • Assessment phase
  • Assessment of current v future state
  • Map the existing process using data analysis, interviews, VSM, process maps, SIPOC (suppliers, inputs, process, outputs, customers)
  • Identify wastes
  • Collect the voice of the customer (VOC) – what the customer wants, business case, empirical data
  • Interview of stakeholders and key players using methodical specific lean questionnaire
  • Data analysis of workloads, schedules, work allocation, work output