We are a Silicon Valley-based company focused on streamlining and improving processes to increase efficiency and productivity

Current State Assessment

Detailed diagnostics using interviews, data analysis and deep dives help us to understand your business current state
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Process Improvements

Overhaul of current processes to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity; including building of procedures and streamlining current processes
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Lean Implementations

Implementation of lean tools and techniques to achieve maximum efficiency
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We focus on workload levelling and balancing employee workloads. Levelling workloads results in the biggest productivity gains and cost savings as it ensures companies don’t resource to peaks.

I really enjoyed working with Melanie because she is very professional, proactive, flexible. She has a very solid understanding of her area of expertise. Her flexibility made everything seamless, regardless of time pressure, time difference and work load. She is positive and made me very confident giving her any project. Her results speak for themselves, It was a pleasure to work with her.

–  Ngrane


Fantastic performance helping to identify and rectify process bottlenecks! STRONGLY RECOMMEND

–  Emergency Assistance Foundation

Emergency Assistance Foundation

We help our clients gain the competitive advantage and achieve tangible and sustained results

Increased productivity, efficiency, quality, waste elimination, cost reduction and lead time reduction based on the company’s strategic plans.

Acceleration of revenues through lean implementation, business process reengineering and process transformation.

Maximized turnarounds, change management, strategic planning and business rationalization for greater work flow- through and man-hour reductions.